Sanctuary Wellness


We are are so glad you are here! Taking the time to pursue your own self-care can be a challenging feat and we totally understand that. We saw the need to help others also explore the transformations that take place when self-care is prioritized, which is why we created Sanctuary Wellness, a retreat created in partnership with Kairos Massage and Skincare and The Wellness Grove, located in the heart of Elizabethtown at the Elizabethtown Firehouse Library Flat in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. 

Our mission is to support you in finding what you need to help you feel restored and balanced. Whether that is taking pause, grounding down to help you realign, or connecting with yourself on a deeper level to embody your true  inner compass and center you with your mind, body and soul. 

We believe in taking care of ourselves so we can better serve and support others and our community.  

We hope you join us in this journey of prioritizing your self-care while also connecting with others. 

Sanctuary Wellness is brought to you by our partnership with:

The Wellness Grove and Kairos Massage and Skincare

About the space

Learn more about the history of the Elizabethtown Firehouse Library Flat here. 

We look forward to providing more opportunities, events and resources that foster the need for pause, reflect, and rest in the midst of busy lives.